We did it again!

Official Logistics Partner 2017 for the Palma Superyacht Show!
April 10, 2017
Successfully delivered
May 16, 2017

We did it again!

CMF arranges express shipping of TP52 Gladiator back to Persico, Italy after damages incurred in Miami.

What happened:

The boat Sled misjudged a cross behind Gladiator during Race 2, crashing into the back of Gladiator and ripping out a steering wheel.  Sled’s bowsprit became tangled with Gladiator’s deck and took the starboard wheel with it as the 52 foot boat peeled away.

Gladiator was forced to withdraw from the event due to the damage, while Sled received a black flag.

How we helped:
Straight after the incidence Gladiator came back to the dock and called the CMF team in Palma. Having discussed options on the way back in and with the upcoming races in Europe the only option was to ship back to Europe fast in order to get repairs done before the next event in Scarlino, Italy on May 16th 2017.
Stefan Bourauel from  the CMF team in Palma asked for the yacht to be de keeled and de masted. He arranged for the boat, keel and rig to go on a container vessel straight to Malta and then put on a truck and ferry from Malta up to Persico. The whole operation went like clockwork and Gladiator is now being repaired in the Italian shipyard.
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