SY Liara Mast Transport

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September 6, 2013
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December 11, 2013

SY Liara Mast Transport

On September 27th the replacement mast for SY Liara measuring in at a lengthy 41.8m arrived in Zeebrugge from Tauranga after a month at sea. Complete Marine Freight UK were approached by the Captain of the yacht to handle all the customs processes upon arrival and to arrange the onward trucking to Southampton, UK where it could be stepped into the yacht.


Moving this size of load by road requires special permits, escorts, careful route planning and police cooperation all of which were expertly arranged and coordinated by the CMF team.

One day later, the mast arrived at Blade Runner Shipping in Southampton where it was offloaded on Monday 30th September.

The entire operation was completed in this short time with no hitches or damage, smooth transition from ship to truck to yacht both physically and in terms of the required documentation and customs procedures which were particularly complex.

Once again, Complete Marine Freight have shown the value of a strong partner in freight and logistics in ensuring the success of every aspect of such complicated and high value transport projects

Arrival in Zeebrugge - offloading from the ship