Shipping Routes – European Shipping and Trucking

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December 11, 2014
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January 9, 2015

Shipping Routes – European Shipping and Trucking

Route explanation:

With the Dusseldorf and Istanbul boat shows coming up in the new year, manufacturers around Europe are getting ready to ship and truck their boats North to Germany and ship south to Turkey.
Trucking your boat is basically the most reliable way of moving a boat around Europe, even as far down as Turkey. The obvious problem with trucking though is the restrictions on size.
As a general rule, trucking of boats up to 55ft is possible depending on their height and width and also the route through Europe. Trucking vs shipping is generally cheaper and is much more reliable on pick up dates and delivery dates.

Shipping is the only way to transport boats bigger than 55ft from the Med to Northern Europe and vice versa back down to the Med. There are both regular and charter services to move yachts down from Hamburg, Rotterdam and Antwerp, via the UK to Palma de Mallorca, Genoa and the Eastern Med. For boat show boats where arriving on time is of utmost importance, we recommend taking a liner service (a regular scheduled sailing) rather than a charter service.


  • If you are looking for a very specific delivery date, it is always better to go liner service or by truck.
  • Check to see what you dates are and what flexibility you may have, as with everything the cheapest option may not always be the cheapest option.

Case Study – 46m Feadship ships from Genoa to Falmouth in Cornwall for a refit


This month we have shipped a 46m Feadship from the port of Genoa up to being discharged at anchor in the Cornish harbour of Falmouth. Due to the condition of the yacht, the engines where not allowed to be used therefore we had to arrange Tugs to move the yacht to the loading vessel in Genoa and the same for the discharge in Falmouth. Whilst most people would expect a 46 metre motor yacht to be able to travel under her own steam up to the UK from Italy, in this case the boat is a beautiful classic that is going into Pendennis shipyard for a complete refit. No doubt as ever Pendennis will be bring the yacht back to her former glory as per all of their projects. As this is a new project no photos are available yet but please have a look at the Pendennis website here: