Complete Marine Freight manage the shipment of the biggest boat handled in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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November 12, 2014
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Complete Marine Freight manage the shipment of the biggest boat handled in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Complete Marine Freight’s Asia division has continued to pick up pace since it’s opening in Hong Kong in June this year. The boat shipping specialist has reported a very busy month with a variety of jobs including a new motoryacht to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam and the shipping of a 33m Ferretti Navetta from Genoa, Italy to Hong Kong.


Last month, Complete Marine Freight (CMF) was tasked with the shipping of a 50’ motorboat to Vietnam – The largest boat handled at the Ho Chi Minh container terminal to date. The boat was shipped on a liner service from the UK where it was loaded under the supervision of the CMF UK team.



The arrival in Ho Chi Minh was on time to the day, which is impressive given the fact that it was a 5-week voyage. The boat was shipped on a purpose built shipping cradle provided by CMF, this stayed with the yacht after it had arrived in Vietnam allowing for storage of the boat in the future. The boat was then transported by barge up the river to Saigon (HCM). The offloading was attended by CMF HK to ensure handling was carried out in the correct manner.


The same week saw the arrival of a brand new 33m Ferretti Navetta yacht from Genoa, Italy to Hong Kong arranged by CMF working closely with the leading Italian yacht shipping company – Cigisped. Due to its size, the Navetta was transported on a self-geared vessel with cranes capable of handling up to 600 Tonnes. CMF also arranged to have the boat protected by a system using partial covering by thermoplastic. This is more reliable than a full shipping cover, which on a large yacht loaded on deck, can be prone to failure.

The yacht arrived safe and sound in HK and was offloaded at anchor. CMF also arranged the customs clearance and paperwork on loading and discharge to ensure a seamless service.


Complete Marine Freight Sales Director and Head of CMF HK, Charles Massey comments:


“Most of the shipments CMF carry out are done on container ships – a liner service. This gives customers a fast and accurate and regular schedule allowing them to plan the arrival rather than waiting to hear when it will eventually turn up. However, a 33m, 120000Kgs yacht is too big to load on most container ships (mainly due to the capacity of the cranes at the load and discharge port).


In this case rather than chartering a heavy lift ship to carry the yacht CMF were able to load on a self geared liner service therefore keeping the regular and reliable service to the customer.


In the last year CMF have delivered a number of 30M+ yachts to Hong Kong and we will be adding a few more to the list in the not so distant future.”


To contact Charles please email:


To speak in person: +85 255148029