CSC Plate Inspection

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June 9, 2016
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September 5, 2016

CSC Plate Inspection

If you have a shipping container and you are looking to move it by sea at the end of this season you will most likely need to check you CSC plate.

Containers need a yearly or bi yearly MOT depending on their age. It involves an inspection from RINA or Lloyds Surveyor to make sure that your container is in good condition for shipping.Basically should there be an accident in a port and your container not have a valid inspection certificate, your insurance would not cover you. Plus most shipping lines will ask for a certificate (CSC) of Shippers own containers (SOC) prior to loading the container on a vessel. 

Please see a you tube link below that we made a while ago, it may actually put you to sleep, but it does cover what an inspection requires. Our CEO looks a little younger and a little less knackered!

Please get in touch with Tina or Eduardo in the CMF office here in Palma to arrange an inspection anywhere in the world. or

Alternatively drop by the office in STP in Palma to discuss you needs or call on +34 971 432 600