Complete Marine Freight’s Guide to Shipping Routes – Asia

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November 18, 2014
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December 1, 2014

Complete Marine Freight’s Guide to Shipping Routes – Asia

Route explanation:

Asia is serviced by liner services out of North Germany, Holland and the UK and in the Mediterranean out of Genoa and occasionally out of Greece and Turkey. For yachts up to 60ft, boats can be loaded on RoRo or car carrying vessels direct into the Far East ports. The main destinations in Asia are Singapore and Hong Kong, certainly true with yachts of plus 100ft.

Sailing are regular throughout the year and although there is a lot of traffic going to the Far East, not every vessel will call in at all the port calls on their schedule on each sailing. Whilst they are regular it may be a monthly sailing rather a frequent weekly or bi weekly sailing. Transit times are between 39 and 45 days depending on your destination.


  • Very much check the customs formalities on arrival into the Far East before shipping, especially into mainland China. China has clamped down on luxury items and import taxes and duty can be high.
  • If you are shipping a new boat to clients, always ship on a regular liner service where ever possible rather than chartered ships for specific yacht shipping sailings. There is enough traffic for project cargos and other freight to make the liner services profitable and therefore viable. Charter services to the Far East can be few and far between, so beware for delays. Definitely a no no for Boat show boats.


Case Study: New Sunseeker Yachts shipping to the Far East.


CMF regularly ship new Sunseeker Yachts from Northern European ports on direct sailings into either Singapore or Hong Kong. The largest Sunseeker we have shipped was the 40 metre, last year from Southampton to Hong Kong. Although we pretty much ship the whole range of Sunseekers to the Far East, it is the bigger yachts that tend to sell better in that market.

The smaller boats in the range will often load on container ships and sometimes on car carrying vessels. On time deliveries are very important for new boats, as people will pay a huge increase for a new boat and therefore would expect to have it delivered as soon as the factory have it ready.

When things get delayed towards the end of production, shipping deadlines can get squeezed and thats where CMF can really help. Through a great range of contacts, we are the number one choice of shipping lines when it comes to agents they deal with for boat shipping. Please have a look at the video to get an idea of the requirements for shipping large yachts around the globe.