Complete Marine Freight Save the Day for the Maxis and the Wallys!

Stages of Shipping – 11 and 12: Summary and Report, followed by the Delivery and Customs Clearance  
April 17, 2015
Complete Marine Freight Announced as Official Shipping and Logistics Partner for Superyacht Cup 2015
June 3, 2015

Complete Marine Freight Save the Day for the Maxis and the Wallys!

Complete Marine Freight are here to handle all the details of your shipping needs.  We take the headache out of shipping so that you can relax and know that CMF will be doing everything to make sure that your shipment arrives where it should when it should. Even when things change unexpectedly….

An example of this is the recent shipping of containers for the Maxi 72s and Wally Yachts,  Momo, Robertissima, Caol ila, and Open Season,  who will be taking part in the Menorca Maxi Regatta this week.

All the arrangements had been made two months prior to the event but one month ago, the ferries changed their schedules with a very fast turn around.  These changes would not fit in with what CMF’s clients were expecting and so it had to be rearranged.

Then two weeks before the event, “Sorrento” the Balearic Ferry had a fire on board off the coast of Dragonera, Mallorca, rendering it out of action hence taking with it many of the platforms available for the small infrastructure available to the islands…. so once again everything had to be rethought.

After many phone calls later, and some logistical acrobats CMF, managed to supply enough vehicles to cover the event.  So everything was under control again, or so it seemed, until one of the supplier ferries noted on the loading day, that the containers, because of their extra height, might not fit through the doors.  CMF quickly rearranged a few bookings and made sure that all the containers where loaded and ready on board by 5am.

From there everything went smoothly and the containers arrived on time and the operation was done and dusted by 11am thanks especially to our Superstar Duncan who was onsite all morning to see that delivery went smoothly.

So one down, many to go, as the containers next trip will be to France for the the Rolex Cup Giraglia.  We are looking forward to the fun and games but most of all we are excited to see them all race in Menorca first!