CMF and The Superyacht Cup Roundup

Jon Hurley – Boat Shipping
June 12, 2014
Its Copa del Rey time again and the Maxis are Coming….
July 8, 2014

CMF and The Superyacht Cup Roundup


Another Superyacht Cup is successfully over.

As official logistics partner, Complete Marine Freight have been busy with the SYC fleet, ensuring that all containers, sails, logistics etc have been organised in sufficient time for teams to prepare and train for the prestigious regatta. Now that July is here it is time for the next sailing event in Palma, Copa del Rey.

Complete Marine Freight assisted 15 yachts in the SYC fleet with a number of services such as container shipping and storage to last minute arrivals for sails on the dock.

Complete Marine Freight ships for Odin

Complete Marine Freight ships for Odin

Complete Marine Freight and the J Class



With a lot of yachts arriving in from the Caribbean and the regattas over thats side of the pond. Support containers were brought back into Palma from Antigua in late May early June, and stored at Planet Space Self Storage.

Along with containers arriving it was time for new sails for several of the yachts for the regatta, the J Class Hanuman being one of them.


Complete Marine Freight ships Hanuman's sails

Complete Marine Freight ships Hanuman’s sails

It was just not regatta services that CMF provided during the SYC week, our team were on hand to provide the hot and bothered sailors some light refreshment as they hit the dock!

Stay cool with CMF

Stay cool with CMF

The lovely Susanna - stay cool with CMF

The lovely Susanna – stay cool with CMF

“Whilst dealing with all the equipment and marketing collateral coming in for the event itself we were proud to be able to help the individual yachts. I was personally very impressed with the event run by Kate Branagh” Tom Sell, Sales Director, CMF

To find out more on race logistics and all other yacht transport services contact Complete Marine Freight on