The Caribbean & Florida – Your Winter Sunshine Route

A Busy Week for CMF Organising the Winter Storage for Race Yachts
November 3, 2014
Complete Marine Freight manage the shipment of the biggest boat handled in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
November 18, 2014

The Caribbean & Florida – Your Winter Sunshine Route

Route Explanation:

The Caribbean is serviced by lift on lift off services and occasionally a float on float off service. The main shipping route runs along the following loading ports:

Genoa – Palma de Mallorca – West Palm Beach FL, St. Thomas.

Out of Northern Europe loadings generally take place in Bremerhaven or Rotterdam – Southampton – West Palm Beach – St. Thomas.

Sailing are from October through to December and are monthly.

Return sailings are March, April and May and are usually monthly. Sailings into and out of Florida generally run a month earlier and a month longer.


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  • It is a busy route so early booking always guarantees space aboard the vessel with the right dates for you.
  • If you are shipping a container on this route, it is also recommended to arrange all customs formalities well in advance to avoid any problems.
  • Ask us in advance to recommend local agents in the Caribbean who can help you get your berthing and general local requirements arranged. Again do not leave too late to avoid disappointment.

Case study: Mini Maxi Racing Yachts

Every year the US based Mini Maxi Racing Yachts ship back and forth between the Caribbean and Florida and the Mediterranean and the UK. They do this on lift on lift off vessels to avoid having to de mast for shipping. It also allows them to be loaded as a single point load. This means we hook them up on a single eyelet point screwed into the top of their keel in the middle of the boat.

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We typically have the boats bow heavy on lift so that the mast leans forward and stays away from the crane cables on lifting from the water or back into the water alongside the ship. Generally the yacht containers will travel on the same vessel as well as any support chase boats the yacht may have. These boats are fabricated from carbon fibre and are therefore very delicate, this means the requirement to have their own shipping cradle that supports the boat in exactly the right position throughout their journey.

This is not the case for either steel, aluminium or GRP built hulls and especially for motor boats, all the cradling system is normally provide by CMF along with a suitable insurance to allow a safe and worry free trip.