Northern Europe


Gerald Price

Managing Director (UK)

+44 7557 526 453

Gerald has been involved in the transportation of motoryachts, sailing yachts and marine related equipment for the last 30 years. This does not mean that he is old, just wise. He brings a wealth of knowledge to both the teams in the UK and Spain, ultimately benefitting you the customer, by providing the right transport solution at the right price.

Fast, accurate and sense of humour!

Matt Penfold

Operations Director

+44 7557 526 451

Matt Penfold joins the company as Operations Manager for the UK office. He has extensive experience in global boat shipping and logistics to and from Europe and the States. Matt is a great asset to our team with his ability to give speedy solutions to more complicated shipping requirments.

Starts early finishes late! Hard worker!

Shaun Robinson

Operations Manager

+44 7500 836 486

Shaun joins the Complete Marine Freight team in the UK as a key operations manager. His responsibilities lie in the area of planning and executing of the shipment of motor and sailing boats via both charter and liner services. Shaun has a huge amount of experience in both the physical loading and discharging of yachts, plus dealing with both shipowners and shipping lines.

This man knows his boats!

Gary Rolph

Load Master

+44 7500 836 486

Gary Rolph has always worked in the maritime industry. With an impressive 25 years serving in the Royal Navy under his belt and almost a decade working as a marine surveyor, Gary joined Complete Marine Freight in 2012. With vast experience and knowledge of the yachting industry, Gary is the man to speak to if you have any technical queries concerning boat loading.

This man will load boats all day and all night! A legend!

Sarah Rickarby

Freight Forwarding Team

+44 7437 018602

Sarah joins CMF with more than 10 years of experience in marine shipping, dealing with the safe movement of yachts and powerboats around the World. She is highly qualified to handle all aspects of complex marine shipping, with experience in all types of Customs clearance processing, plus EU Intrastat reporting to HMRC.

Thorough and reliable, experience counts!

Jon Hurley

Boat Shipping

+44 7557 909990

Jon started in the shipping industry when he was just 16 upon his return from living and studying in Spain near Alicante. Starting as a dock runner delivering customs documents etc around the Portsmouth Continental Ferry Port, he was quickly trained in customs clearance as could speak Spanish and was able to converse with the lorry drivers. 24 years later, Jon has handled pretty much every aspect of shipping and customs clearance procedures for import and export from general cargo to luxury super yachts. If you need any advice on customs clearance Jon is your man!

Lets do it, get it done, ship it!

Steven 'Taff' Dodd

Sales and Business Development

+44 7802 695661

Taff joins the Complete Marine Freight team in the UK to handle sales and business development in the area of racing yachts and yacht logistics. Taff is a well known character in the yachting world and has run many different racing programs. He is experienced as a customer of shipping companies and understands the requirements facing busy captains, crew, project managers and owners trying to move their boats or gear around the globe.

An absolute Welsh beauty!